I’m Sushil Shrestha. After graphic designing for a year at the age of 16, I’ve gained an experience of more than as a web-designer/developer. I am a Ruby developer from Nepal with an ideal blend of skill in visual design and proficiency with technology, I’m a quick-learner technophile and timing is the best part of me. An academic degree of BScIT makes me more comfortable with programming.

Work and Education

An enthusiastic start and a clean finish as my goal, I’ve been working as a Ruby Developer in Nepal for around a year. With the experience of working as a PSD developer for a year and a half, a HTML/CSS/JS developer for over a year and an excellent academic record, I’ve gained all-round professional qualifications in this field. Keeping in mind that managerial skills are also very crucial, I’ve led a team of 5 professionals in a project to redesign 300 WordPress sites in 7 different themes within a minimum period of just 8 months with great success and appreciation. In spite of these academics, qualifications and experiences, I still see myself as a beginner and have a keen urge to learn more as LEARNING IS ENDLESS.

  1. Jyaasa Technologies Pvt. Ltd.Ruby Developer · Dec 2015 to Present
  2. seobeetreeMay 2013 to Present · Managing Director
  3. eSignature Pvt. Ltd.Ruby Team HOD · Dec 2009 to Apr 2015
  4. Padmashree Int’l CollegeOct 2012 to Feb 2016 · BSc.IT
  5. Sakwo CottageCare Taker · Aug 2009 to Nov 2009
  6. IIST CollegeClass of 2012 · Certificate Level for IT
  7. Mani PhotocopyGraphic Designer · Nov 2008 to Jul 2009
  8. Universal CollegeJul 2009 to Aug 2011 · Computer Science

Technical Experience




Ruby On Rails

Ruby is a dynamic, open source programming language with a focus on simplicity and productivity. It has an elegant syntax that is natural to read and easy to write.

Ruby, A Programmer’s Best Friend

Ruby Developer

Ruby Developer is often passionate about software development and love working on consumer-based products. Most of the Ruby Developers are considered motivated, bright and experienced with commercial experience as a software developer. We have the clear concept of BDD and TDD implementation. Ruby Developer ideally have worked with lean methodologies and iterative development.