How to get started with open source rails?

Hey Folks, this is a basic bullet points for those who want to get started with open source within Ruby on Rails and start contributing the society for the good of all. Open source in my opinion is a culture that we must embrace for the growth of self and the community as a whole.

I understand that these bullets aren’t very detailed but should help you get started.

  • Find an open source you’re interested in.
  • Fork the repository to your Github.
  • Clone it to your local machine.
    • git clone<username>/<repo-name>.git
  • Setup the environment as required.
    • gem install bundler
    • bundle install
  • Database Setup:
    • Make sure that config/database.yml exists
    • rake db:create
    • If this doesn’t work out then make sure the database server as mentioned in database.yml is up and running.
    • rake db:migrate
    • Missing `secret_token` and `secret_key_base` for ‘development’ environment, set these values in `config/secrets.yml`
    • rake secret
  • Don’t miss out on the instructions for setup in the repository:
    • If there is not proper documentation for getting started, it’s your opportunity for an open source contribution.
  • Start the server and fix the issues if seen or as seen:
    • rails server
    • localhost:3000

Do comment below if you get stuck at any point, I’ll try my best to help you through because I love solving problems. 😉