Is class required while experimenting Ruby codes in file?

Dear Rubyists,

There I was trying to guide a very good friend of mine, Sajin Shakya who was keen to learn a programming language, Ruby On Rails. I suggested him not to jump onto Rails and dig deep into Ruby first. Hence, as he had learnt C programming earlier, I told him to practice developing similar algorithms he’d previously learnt in his academics through Ruby.

So, he created a method which would calculate the factorial of given number as follows:

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Validation on create with Ripple (Riak On Rails)

Previously I mentioned how to achieve Uniqueness Validation With Ripple.

Similarly, Ripple doesn’t provide direct method for adding validation only on create while trying to implement Riak On Rails using Ripple as modeling layer. This is very much necessary for the validation of properties such as password which are to be checked only while being created. Below is the code sample I developed for validation on create manually.
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Uniqueness Validation With Ripple (Riak On Rails)

I’m a riak newbie who is trying to implement Riak On Rails using Ripple as modeling layer. But while creating User model, I wanted validation for uniqueness of user. Validation such as presence is available with Ripple but I couldn’t find proper validation method directly provided for the uniqueness. So, below is the sample code of User model I developed for validation.
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