The Insufficiency of Good Design by Sarah Mei

As a developer you should have come to a point where you think about quality of the code you write. You must have wondered what good code actually is and how good design can be achieved. This talk by ‘Sarah Mei’ clarifies the idea of Good code and also provides guideline of how it can be achieved. Good code isn’t written always by everyone. Hence, we need to keep these points in the back of our head which are noted below.

Good Code: [Good code is defined by it’s pattern of dependencies]

  1. OO design principles
  2. Development practices
  3. Other People

Good Code Predictor:

  1. Technical Qualifications
  2. Experience with the code base.
  3. Good communication

Fixing Problems:

  1. Pair Programming
  2. Create opportunities for informal communication
  3. Use high-bandwidth communication
  4. Teach/learn/practice

Mantras extracted:

  1. Your team’s communication patterns are the best predictor of the quality of the code you produce.
  2. Every piece of bad code is trying to tell you something.
  3. Hack your team